About Dan Guardo Contracting

Dan Guardo Contracting is a full service professional concrete contractor, skilled in custom, stamped concrete. Our service area includes all of NE Ohio.  As true artisans, we go beyond the typical driveway/sidewalk installation, creating living spaces that look like natural surfaces, complimenting your surroundings.

About Dan Guardo


Founder Dan Guardo has been passionate about concrete since childhood. As a preschooler, he couldn’t wait to get home from school to watch his neighbor’s concrete sidewalk be installed. The concrete installers offered him a few shovels of his own to which he patched his bike trail and his passion was born. From then on, he hasn’t walked on a sidewalk that he hasn’t inspected and stops to chat with every concrete crew he comes in contact with.

Early on, Dan understood the superior quality of the product but felt it didn’t naturally blend into the surrounding landscape.  His first real concrete project was removing and replacing a concrete driveway. Although his first project wasn’t the best in appearance, it is still a durable project that is still in use today.

A Concrete Education

Dan continued his concrete passion into education while perusing his second college degree at BGSU (His first is a degree from the Ohio State Agricultural Technical Institute). Professor and advisor, Travis Chapin was also obsessed with concrete and taught all the technical information in an entire college course. Their class trip was to the World of Concrete tradeshow in Las Vegas where he was introduced to stamped concrete.  Dan’s passion for concrete grew and continues to grow with each project they complete.
Dan is passionate about continuing education classes, and signs up for EVERY new decorative treatment / technical improvement course that he can. It is important that the client know it is his desire to learn more and make every job better than the last.

In it for you

Dan Guardo Contracting is experienced in the latest, state-of-the art stamped concrete installation, standard driveway pours, residential construction, and foundation replacement. They will complete your project with the highest quality workmanship and total satisfaction.