Foundation Replacement

To improve the structural integrity of your home or business, you may find it necessary to replace the foundation. This can occur with water leak issues and age. The foundation is one of the most important parts of your structure.


So, what is it Dan Guardo does for foundation replacements?

Typically, first we shore up the structure or support the house. Next we move the structure to the proper elevation. We then excavate and remove the failed foundation. At this point, we pour a new footer on proper bearing soil, then build a new foundation wall.

We may install all new drain lines, water proof, insulate and back fill with a material that will not hold moisture and contribute to hydraulic pressure, but let moisture drain to the new drain lines where it is removed from the foundation. Some projects require carpentry work such as drywall or siding removal and replacement.


Why does Dan Guardo do this when no one else will?

Most contractors don’t want to be bothered with thinking outside of the box. Typically they want to perform one task then on to the next job. These projects involve shoring, carpentry, excavation, demolition, masonry, concrete and sometimes landscaping.

Most contractors only self-perform one or two of these tasks. Therefore a general contractor may be required to coordinate all of these tasks and typically when involving multiple contractors the cost is significantly increased. Dan Guardo Contracting, on the other hand… employs craftsmen of the necessary skillset to perform all of these tasks.

Foundation Replacement Timeline/Home Livability

Can I live in a house when the foundation is being replaced? How long does it take? The duration of the project depends on the severity of the problem. If it is one short wall the job can be completed in three days. If it is an entire foundation it may take up to thirty days. In most cases the building can be occupied during the work.


We take great pride and care with every detail to make sure your project is done well, and done correctly.  A foundation is replaced only once when Dan Guardo’s team is on the job.

 Do you need your foundation replaced?