Decorative Concrete Patios

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Decorative concrete improves the curb appeal of your home, lowers your maintenance with rock hard surfaces, and transforms your space into the peaceful retreat that only a patio can provide.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete is an increasingly popular look.  With endless possibilities of shape, color and texture, the artisans working with Dan Guardo can replicate almost any shape imaginable..

Stamped Concrete compliments architecture as a textured natural surface that can soften hard lines of residential construction but also blends in well with all types of landscapes.

We source our stamping patterns from a variety of sources to make sure our clients have the highest level of choice and customization.



Styles can be mixed and matched with deeply woven results

Custom artwork, an innovative stamping library and our ability to completely customize to your taste are what allows Dan Guardo Contracting to transform your backyard into the entertainment space of your dreams.

Whether the goals are to improve your entertaining abilities, update your curb appeal, or live in a more maintenance free manner, decorative concrete is the answer.

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Popular Styles

By volume, the three most popular decorative stamp designs that we produce for customers are the wood plank, ashler stone, and flag stone.

Dan Guardo, life long concrete enthusiast, chooses as his three favorites: the roman slate texture mat with decorative saw cuts, travertine stone, wood plank.  Ask him to show you what he sees as the epitome of beauty and design when he comes out to give you a quote.



The Boardwalk, or Wood Plank Texture

When you see Dan – ask him about the trouble he got into with this project- the house sitter sounded the alarm when she thought he built a deck, instead of pouring a concrete patio!

What are you looking for in a decorative concrete patio? Tell us!